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founded February 27, 2005

About MPP

Founder of Military Pen Pals


I have been supporting the troops since the first Gulf War. I have done much volunteering as well as being a Group Coordinator for the Family Readiness Program for the Army National Guard.

As an American I feel proud to support the troops and do my part. We live in a great country and it is all because of the brave men and women who made it their business to defend us.

The Website started when I was looking for a penpal in the military. I wanted to support the troops, but all I found was paid services; so I started my own. In the past year I have connected to many people overseas in the military and the support of the American people have been wonderful.

Please make sure you also support the Civilian Contractors who work with the military, without them their jobs would be much tougher.

I hope you all find someone you can support and make their days a bit brighter by writing emails, letters and sending care packages. It makes such a difference in their daily routines.

Thank you AMERICA!!!!

The chatroom is for all of our users. Come and chat with us and meet some of the members and new friends. The Chatroom has been so much fun for those who have joined. Stop by anytime.

Join us in our chatroom

The Chatroom is open 24/7

The MPP Book:
This photo album has some great pictures from the soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom as well other military photographs sent to me by our members. Enjoy!!! Make sure you leave a comment for them. This also will be updated as new pictures arrive.

Family Readiness Support Group:
We have added to the
a section for family support, which also includes friends of a soldier. Do not hesitate to ask questions about deployment or every day stress. It is better to discuss them here in a group, rather than burden the soldier abroad. A soldier once told me the true heroes are those who are left behind.