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founded February 27, 2005


Our forum is open to anyone who would like to post and is looking for a military pen pal. You do have to be a registered member to post in the forum. It only takes a few seconds to fill out your email address and make a password. Your registration will have to be approved. This can take up to 72 hours, but usually it goes pretty quick within a few hours. I have to verify the email first before it can be approved. Be patient!


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1.      Do not post things in the forum that will give away your location, you never know who reads this stuff.

2.     If you post something, make sure it is in the correct category. It takes hours to sort it all through and many ads never get read that way and eventually deleted.

3.     Look around and find an ad that suits you. (Note: if an address is older than 12 months, it is most likely the contact has returned to the USA)

4.     It is better to email (if it was listed) or write to the contact directly, than putting a reply.

5.     If there are any problems, please email or report an ad or a person in the forum to the administrator.

6.     Be safe and have fun