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founded on February 27, 2005



We, Military Pen Pals(MPP) are here to support the troops and connecting people from the United States with military personnel as well as US Contractors who are stationed overseas or are back in the country.  Many are in need of receiving letters and care packages and you can make a difference. Please join us if you are interested in finding a penpal.  

If you are in the military or a US contractor and are looking for support, please e-mail me and I will provide you with the support you need and add your information to the forum.

Please read all the guidelines and what is new and if you have any suggestion to make things better, let me know. Anjelikka :)

Remember Military Pen Pals is not a dating service, we are here to support the troops. However, some of our members have developed closer relationships. If you harass a soldier you will be removed from our membership and will be reported to the DOD (Department of Defense).

Where to start

Military Personnel as well as US Contractors:
You may e-mail me with your address and e-mail and what items you need or would like. Your email address or information will be in the forum and it will be for members only, so the public looking through this will not see it in order to protect your privacy.You may also have
your picture posted or pictures of your military experience in general.  I encourage you to let me know how you are doing. Check out the forum and post there.  

You may go to the
MPP forum register for free.

Do not post your mailing address or phone number in the forum, or your post will be deleted.  You may post your e-mail and name. Also the best thing to contact someone in the forum is to write to them directly via their email. Some military personnel may not be able to view the forum.

Our forum is open to anyone who would like to post and is looking for a military penpal.  You do have to be a registered member to post in the forum. It only takes a few seconds to fill out your email address.  If you find an address that is more than 12 months old, chances are that person is back in the USA and may not respond back to you.

Be patient...keep writing.

Thank you!!!

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Founder of Military Pen Pals

I have been supporting the troops since the first Gulf War. I have done much volunteering as well as being a Group Coordinator for the Family Readiness Program for the Army National Guard. My son is a former Marine and when he was deployed I founded a support group called Marine Moms.  As an American I feel proud to support the troops and do my part. We live in a great country and it is all because of the brave men and women who made it their business to defend us.

How it started:
The Website started when I was looking for a penpal in the military.  I wanted to support the troops, but all I found was paid services; so I started my own.  In the past year I have connected to many people overseas in the military and the support of the American people have been wonderful.

Please make sure you also support the US Contractors who work with the military, without them their jobs would be much tougher.

I hope you all find someone you can support and make their days a bit brighter by writing emails, letters and sending care packages.  It makes such a difference in their daily routines.  

Thank you AMERICA!!!!

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For your daughter ( my blog )

What's new:

August 2011
You can now follow me for updates on Twitter @AnjelikkaK
I get daily emails from people who want a penpal. Remember you have to search the forum for that. Be patient, it takes time.

July 2011
Thank you all for supporting SGT. Miller and his Marines in Afghanistan, they are coming Home :)

July 2010
We are now on Facebook, yeah...we are also working on a shop, where you can buy items for a care package and have it shipped by us directly to the person you assign. No more excuses for not sending a care package.

September 2009
Warning to all women...there are some imposters in the forum who use the kindness of women who want to support the military. The first one is Russell Haring, USMC, this dumbass uses his real name and tells women he is divorced…be aware of him when you come across his name.There is another who claims to be in the UK and has either a daughter or son in the USA, says he is in Afghanistan and after a few emails will hit you for some money he needs for his child…do not give anybody money or your account information…report those people…this person goes by Rowan Adam, Jeffrey Connell and Jeffrey McKean and may use other names…report them to

August 2009
I still get emails daily asking me to connect them with a penpal.  This is your job...I mainly provide you with the links in the forum.

November 2008
I want to give a BIG shout out to the 26TH MEU Marines on the USS IWO JIMA who have joined our site...go support them with your friendships of thanks for their services.

I still get many requests from people wanting me to give them addresses tow write to.  The program works by registering in the forum and there you look for addresses.

You may donate any amount to MPP, for each $5.00 you receive this Car Magnet...


Military Pen Pal Forum

The chatroom is for all of our users. Come and chat with us and meet some of the members and new friends. The Chatroom has been so much fun for those who have joined.  Stop by anytime.

 Join us in our chatroom

The Chatroom is open 24/7

The MPP Book:
This photo album has some great pictures from the soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom as well other military photographs.  Enjoy!!! Make sure you leave a comment for them. This also will be updated as new pictures arrive.

Family Readiness Support Group:
We have added to the
forum a section for family support, which also includes friends of a soldier.  Do not hesitate to ask questions about deployment or every day stress.  It is better to discuss them here in a group, rather than burden the soldier abroad.  A soldier once told me the true heroes are those who are left behind.

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