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founded February 27, 2005

Where to Start

Military Personnel as well as Civilian Contractors:
You may e-mail me with your address and e-mail and what items you need or would like.

Your email address or information will be in the forum and it will be for members only, so the public looking through this will not see it in order to protect your privacy.You may also have your picture or pictures of your military experience in general posted in our photo album, just email it to me. Or you can also register in the Forum and post your own ad. Good Luck and stay safe !!!

I encourage you to let me know how you are doing. Check out the forum and post there.

You may go to the
Forum register for free.

Do not post your mailing address or phone number in the forum, or your post will be deleted. You may post your e-mail and name.

Also the best thing to contact someone in the forum is to write to them directly via their email. Some military personnel may not be able to view the forum.